What is a DSLR?

What is a DSLR camera is what everybody need to know. DSLR is short for Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera. These cameras come
with a single lens, using the principles of a reflex design scheme. In
this design, light is passed through a lens and then onto a mirror that
alternates and sends the image to a viewfinder or image sensor. Using
just one lens, this model ensures that the viewfinder image doesn’t vary
perceptibly from the original sensor image.

The digital camera market is spreading on a fast scale with a new
product hitting the market every day. The DSLR camera hasbeen grabbing
popularity across every section of the globe because of their advanced
features and state-of-the art performance. You can use the device for
still photography as well as video recording. Here are the features of a DSLR camera.

Mode dial

Most of these gadgets support a mode dial for accessing automatic scene-mode or standard camera settings. It is also known as a “PASM” dial and offers
as aperture-priority, full manual, minimum program and shutter-priority
modes. As far as the scene modes are concerned, these are less
customizable. They include landscape, portrait, full-auto, night modes,
macro, etc. The professional devices contain automatic scene modes as
professionals are better aware of their device and adjust the settings
quickly for capturing the image.

Dust reduction systems

There are a lot of possibilities of dust entering the camera body as it is
easy to change the lenses on a DSLR camera. The dust further sticks to the
image sensor thus deteriorating the quality of images captured. To stay
away from this trouble, most of the devices today support dust reduction
systems. The system is quite effective and cleans the sensor properly.
This enhances the image quality.

Interchangeable lenses

This is another superior feature supported by these gadgets. Most of the
devices today come with the ability of exchanging lenses for selecting
an ideal lens for the existing photographic requirements and for
allowing the attachment of specialized lenses. This is indeed the major
factor responsible for the popularity of DSLR cameras.

Additional features

Additional features supported by the device include digital zoom, autofocus,
shutter speed, image stabilization, etc. All these features are of great
use for the photography enthusiasts. The features help in achieving
high-quality results in still photography as well as video recording.