Beginner’s Guide to Photography

Photography includes different aspects all of which cannot be covered in any single piece of writing and hence in this photography beginners guide we can only mention some basic tips to help the novice.

From the very beginning, you must decide about the subject matter in which you wish to focus.This is because photography has various fields of specialization like landscape, fashion, wedding, magazine, advertising, fine art, digital, portrait, event, architecture etc.However, before you specialize you have to learn the basic facts of photography.

Some special rules for beginners to remember:

1.In this field of art, you have to feel from your heart besides getting complete pleasure from whatever you are shooting. You have to put everything in order and set the priorities accurately in advance before you start the shoot.

2.Discipline is very important in any kind of work and photography is nothing different. During shooting everything may not go smooth. You may not get the perfect locale, the perfect subject or the perfect working condition.But you have to remain calm because losing temper cannot always solve the problems.

3.Don’t compare your work with anyone else and never over or underestimate your capabilities. It is better to achieve success step by step because instant accomplishment may disrupt the concentration. So learn to remain happy with the achievement you are receiving however small it may be.

4.Try to come up with your own unique style instead of imitating others. Tripods can assist you in various ways so you should always remember to carry one with you. Always try to appreciate and remain happy with the equipment that you have at present. Improving the quality of work is more important than changing the equipment frequently.

In conclusion, it is good to note that photography is still a growing art.New techniques and styles emerge almost daily. Therefore, no one can really claim to knows everything. It is better for you as a beginner to always try to keep up to date on the modern trends so as not to be left behind.